collectively gathering change~


late fall early winter

we witnessed a change

during the darkening of our days


as light diminished 

transformation began


fascinating to see how

as the light slowly slipped away

so too did the feathers of our girls


one by one

they dropped to the ground


the old being shed

without even a choice


releasing themselves 

to such a bare and vulnerable state


yet how they stood of grace

while they endured their transformation

as they awaited their newness

that would soon come to be

IMG_3991 edit 2.jpg

i could hardly keep up

with the feathers that were gracing our yard


maybe i am strange

but to me

they are a piece of delicateness

that we do not behold


a symbol of flight

of a journey that once was

unique eachly and rightly so 


some laid showing the weatheredness of time

while others seemed as if they were new

never touched or affected by the days that were


how could i not gingerly pick them up

wash them dry them and admire their beauty


we became apart of their cycle

their season that was

i could sense a completion

as the wheel began to turn


interesting that they too take to the shift of seasons

just as we


though ours seems ever so slight

 not as apparent to the eyes that are watching

more of a silent transition 

that surfaces with time


amazing what nature unfolds

all before our very eyes



Someone Once Said:

"Sometimes in the winds of change, We find our true direction."