loved stitched...

because sometimes

just sometimes

you need a little one to love

_DSC8454 edit 1.jpg

one wee little stitching with ♥

_DSC8455 edit 1.jpg

his heart complete

_DSC8456 edit 1.jpg

now for his feet

one foot

_DSC8459 edit 1.jpg

two feet

look at me now

_DSC8460 edit 1.jpg

i am almost complete

_DSC8479 edit 1.jpg

one wee little

carefully adds

his final touches of ♥

_DSC8483 edit 1.jpg

and the last of his stitches are all sewn up 

_DSC8484 edit 1.jpg

hey wait

i need my eyes

_DSC8488 edit 1.jpg


i thought you forgot


i can see you

looking back at me

_DSC8492 edit 1.jpg

one wee little chose

to leave him without his nose

i am sure he won't mind 

just as long as

he is l♥ved

Morrie Schwartz once said:

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love and to let it come in."