sweet saturday~

because sometimes

just sometimes  


saturday mornings call for something special

_DSC5952 edit 2.jpg

piping hot

crunchy yet gooey

buttery jellied goodness

is just what we need

_DSC5931 edit 1.jpg

prior to starting

one must ensure

that one has a special

"popover" tin


preheat oven 425 degrees

_DSC5909 edit 1.jpg

1 cup sifted all purpose flour

_DSC5914 edit 1.jpg

1/2 teaspoon salt

{i use kosher} 

_DSC5915 edit 1.jpg

2 eggs

_DSC5922 edit 1.jpg

1 cup milk

_DSC5923 edit 1.jpg

once all ingredients are added 

whisk together

_DSC5925 edit 1.jpg

until batter is smooth

_DSC5935 edit 1.jpg

1/4 teaspoon oil to each cup

_DSC5942 edit 1.jpg

add batter to tin

filling about 1/2 way full

_DSC5946 edit 1.jpg

bake 35-40 mins

 or until golden brown

_DSC5950 edit 1.jpg

remove from ove

slide popevers out


tip upside down

{there will be a hole in the bottoms of each}

fill with whatever you like


ours are filled plum full


butter and jelly