driving along a road i have driven for almost nine years

and never once seeing this old truck and tree

_DSC8010 edit 3.jpg

its a road i travel down

most often when in a hurry

my mind is usually consumed by getting or accomplishing the task at hand

yet for some strange reason

this time around

it stood out ever so clear


opening my eyes

clearing my mind

regardless of head pounding


sneezing like mad

going through tissue at an excessive rate

completed a task at hand

success on behalf of my photographic way

{who ever you are...where ever you are...my deepest of deep gratitude}

fingers entangled in wool and tweeds

rice pudding piping hot 

fresh lemon tea

kindness and compassion

thankful for the time to rest

there is a saying:

"Slow down...Rushing means you miss what's right here."