sometimes just sometimes~


dec 14 2013

Because sometimes just sometimes the simple route is just not that easy to attain

Yesterday dad met with a GI dr to re~discuss the possibility of a feeding tube...he has been on tpn for almost two months and they would like to get him off of it as soon as possible...he has been struggling to drink ~ eat anything orally which long story short has left his body depleted of many vital minerals and vitamins that are needed to produce red blood cells and to plainly keep you feeling well

as of yesterday his hematocrit level was borderline for him needing a blood transfusion 

So as you probably have guessed by now...yep...last night we headed back up...he is back to his favorite spa for a little nourishment...they started his blood transfusion a little while ago...he is extremely exhausted but hopefully as the day goes on he will perk up...


as I type dad is receiving his second blood transfusion as his blood counts are still low...he and his body responded very well to the first unit and he spent the day sleeping pretty well

as mom and I left...we saw a man coming down the hallway carrying a box with "human blood" written on it...I looked at him and said " I think you are carrying just what we were waiting for...thank you." The man just looked at me and continued down the we walked outside there his car was parked..."the puget sound blood bank"...silently I said thank you

And now i sit here at home somber just as i have been all day

Blood...this is something I have never put much thought into...I have witnessed more than two handfuls of lives being brought into this world and two lives being taken...I have cleaned and mended many of wounds...i have seen and had plenty of blood being drawn but never have I seen or watched blood being given

Yesterday and today was not that of fear or sadness but of knowing and being accepting that this day may come...knowing and witnessing a life being sustained...a day where I sat there blankly most of the time crocheting time away...a day where random thoughts kept coming and going and pondering this thing called blood

O+ who ever you are...I thank I have never donated a drop...I have many of excuses but when it comes down to it...none will ever be valid enough...not now or in the future for watching my father as he was receiving blood was a surreal moment that immediately changed how I feel...such a simple small thing to do that each day makes all the difference in this world.