missed fortune found

_DSC1402 edit 1.jpg

funny how you forget about things and then for some strange reason it becomes apparent where they were placed..your memory returns and you are able to recollect your once out of sorts thought and go to the exact place where they resided


has most definitely felt out.of.sorts






dashing in and out

chasing and capturing raindrops 

hearing childrens laughter sparked from the pelting of hail

{they say dance in the rain...well our danced in the hail}

finding old forgotten projects

not remembering the reasons as to WHY

lavender and lupine lingering in my mind

as for these pennies...shaking head...they have been sitting for at least a year or two...honestly could not tell ya what was going to happen to them...but what i can say is i do remember we were attempting create a patina...am thinking it involved vinegar but alas i am at a true loss for the process and purpose... 

maybe today you will find missed fortune in a forgotten place