so very soon~

towards the end of february

my grandfather begins to ring 

_DSC2153 edit 1.jpg

wanting to know if we've got our seeds

and if they've been sowed

_DSC2156 edit 1.jpg

our seeds have been sowed 

good...good he replies

_DSC2162 edit 1.jpg

and in the days that come thereafter

the phone rings with a new kind of sound

_DSC2172 edit 1.jpg

have they sprouted

why yes...yes they have

_DSC2186 edit 1.jpg

which leads to the daily check in's of

how are they doing

or how high today

_DSC2187 edit 1.jpg

a simple little thing

a connection that continues on

_DSC2188 edit 1.jpg

the sowing of seeds, the sprouting and growth that happens all in good time

_DSC2193 edit 1.jpg

to the sweetest of grandfathers and peas to add