the sweetest softest fragile hints of spring~

a tiny fragment

connecting us to a past memory

a present thought

a symbolic piece of life

awakening our spirits

from the dormant ways of once was

warmth has slowly returned

light continually brinking upon the horizon earlier and earlier by each morning hour

dusk easing into night lingering as they mingle momentarily in the golden moonlit hour

rain falls

saturating the earth

grounding the roots of life that are waiting to emerge

we step a little lighter

smile a little longer

as we are present with the ever changing ways of springs season at hand


so very soon~

towards the end of february

my grandfather begins to ring 

_DSC2153 edit 1.jpg

wanting to know if we've got our seeds

and if they've been sowed

_DSC2156 edit 1.jpg

our seeds have been sowed 

good...good he replies

_DSC2162 edit 1.jpg

and in the days that come thereafter

the phone rings with a new kind of sound

_DSC2172 edit 1.jpg

have they sprouted

why yes...yes they have

_DSC2186 edit 1.jpg

which leads to the daily check in's of

how are they doing

or how high today

_DSC2187 edit 1.jpg

a simple little thing

a connection that continues on

_DSC2188 edit 1.jpg

the sowing of seeds, the sprouting and growth that happens all in good time

_DSC2193 edit 1.jpg

to the sweetest of grandfathers and peas to add


we have been as busy as bees working and tending

so much so

that i had forgotten to come back and post this post

P1260484 edit 1.jpg

with spring present

we have had burst of energy

that has kept us all moving


dirty fingers

filthy toes

soil digging

seed planting

grass growing

warmth and light shining

first of the bumble bees

birds singing

trees budding

outdoor learning

teas blessed by the sun

time relaxing

embracing spring just as it is

there is nothing quite like the days of spring and the time you spend outdoors with nature 


the wheel takes another turn



from the long winters still

_DSC0195 edit 1.jpg

the equinox presents itself

 in a thunderous roar

winds ripping

rains raging

yet admist the commotion of weather

it is happening

just as it should

life blinks

an opening 

a closing

 spring unfolds

adorning the trees with delicate buds and birds

painting the scene with merriment once more

George Bernard Shaw once said:

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."

tis a


 to emerge from the old

and begin again

just as nature

though our roots will never change

our growth always can