and so it rained~

first comes love

then comes baby

the comes marriage and a life living together


far from traditional he and i

not some perfect story told


kind of a wild love affair


for us

it fits 


and i couldn't imagine it any other way


img004 edit 1.jpg

nine years ago

the sun rose


making way for clear skies

easing the minds of all


there was much still to be done

as this was an outdoor affair 


it held tight till the moment my father said  

"it's time" 


as we walked down the stairs

the skies had turned gray

and the rain decided it was time to fall


we looked at each other and he said  

"should we call it off" 

i looked at him and said

"no dad, i am not going to melt" 


my brother came running up and scurrying about

"hang tight"

he said

"let me at~least find you an umbrella" 

in a flash he was gone a reappeared with a delicate pink floral umbrella


linked through our arms

one on each side

and an umbrella in hand

we began our long walk down to the isle where he had been waiting


on so it is  

we were married this day


nine years passing  

through winds and rain and thunderous storms

we have cleared the skies

washed away the debris

choosing to move forward each and every day


nine years passing

there has been love like no other 

there has been laughter and play

there has been memories created  

and moments that will forever remain

highlighting our day to day


nine years passing

ninety~nine more to come