chasing snow...

it called for 6-10 inches of snow in the mountains

all in a matter of hours 

then the rain would reside 

_DSC5698 edit 2.jpg

i woke my love

and shared how i wanted to see our river in white

i wanted to see the snow

i wanted to touch the snow

i wanted to smell the snow

i wanted to hear the snow

trying as hard as i might

attempting to entice my love and our littles

of a little snow white

i shared how this would be the opportune time

to take our truck for a little test run

it made it to the sun shining mountains with a few minor glitches

but since its rebuild it hasn't set foot on white

after hours of hymn ha~ing through the day

my love sat up and said lets go

i sprang from my seat and scurried away

an hour and a half up and same coming down

my love said it will be a short run

the clock spoke of one thirty one

and the rain was to set with high flailing winds between five and six

nearly minutes after the clock struck two

we were on the road

chasing the snow

as we headed out of town

it was a dark and dreary mess

but once we hit the road of the mountainside

my heart skipped a beat

as it became a wintery wonderland

well sometimes good feelings die hard and quick

just about half way up

it became apparent that our little road trip

was coming to a screeching white halt

there was no place to go 

except off the next exit

if ever we wanted to make it home before morn

inevitably we made the turn 

my love paused for a moment

and decided to sneak onto a road less traveled

this man he knows me well

he knows my mind

he knows my heart

he knew there was a camera at hand

so we were granted with a quick little stroll 

and a bit of a nature call

on a side note if you please...when looking at our truck will notice a lovely blueish purple tint

though great for blocking the makes for a bit of a struggle to photograph when you are inside

hence why you will see a hint of blue at times

with darkness slowly on the rise

and the winds and rain kicking in

 it was our time

to hit the main road

and make our way home

it might not of been what i was i hoping for

there were no rivers of white raging so

just mile upon mile of blanketed trees

_DSC6104 edit 1.jpg

but seeing the land all covered in white

was plenty for me


Orison Swett Narden once said:

"Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities...seize common occasions and make them great."

in darkness there is light~

the other day my love and i were talking

me: i think i stumbled upon one of my most favorite pictures i have taken

{to is stunning...but its purely my own thought and opinion and i guess you could say i can be kind of partial to pictures i have taken}


_DSC8887 edit 6.jpg

my love: you should take more pictures of people

me: i do...of our family and you

my love: no of other people

me: why...i don't want to take random pictures of people

my love: why not

me: because i do not want to

my love: well couldn't you just do it sometimes

{as he and i were talking i was pulling up the picture to show him}

me: nope...look

{he looks at the picture above}

my love: need to keep taking pictures of trees

{insert laughing} 

me: phew...glad we got that one figured out


I say:

"Living life is not about how someone else wants you to live...It's about living your life how you want to live."



the wonders & delights of salt lake three~



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IMG_2445 edit 2.jpg

day three brought time together in between his meetings...a moment to slip away and savor the lunch hour together...then back we went to the hotel for he had more business to attend...and me i continued wandering about relaxing back in our room...

when night arrived and his day had officially came to a close...when had the intention of going out for fondue...well this mighty plan abruptly came to a close as all their burners were out in the bar and it was a two hour wait to sit and dine...

we crossed the street and started aimlessly walking around... naming off places we saw...and then without even realizing earlier in the day...there sat a quaint little hole in the wall mediterranean restaurant...a sign from above...this was truly meant to be...of all the places we would chose to eat...greek food sits first on top of our list...this little hole in the wall that sat no more than ten people exceeded every possible expectation one could have for a meal...and then came dessert...sinfully wonderfully deliciously good...

and all too soon another day was quickly coming to an end


Someone once said:

"Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey."

the wonders & delights of salt lake 2~


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even on a holiday...i tend to go about my normal way...lucky for one as he can always sleep in and wake knowing coffee will be at hand...he has come to learn and accept this way of mine...and he does not budge when i slip out of bed and sneak out the door...i have always savored my early morning hours and this is one of those things that may never grab my coffee and head out the door and witness the silence of a city slowly come to a wake...i have always loved the darkening hours

day two was filled with one love attending to business matters and leaving me to play...i watched the sunrise and pondered a bath...and well i could not resist soaking in such tub...i created the biggest bubble bath i ever much so i almost overfilled the tub as i walked away to put away my camera...the thought of such made me laugh...but for me...knowing there would be absolutely no one knocking on my littles calling my name...serenity was at hand...and this i had to embrace

i pondered knitting patterns while working on a scarf there in between...and after a good hour of deciphering...i decided if not now then probably i reserved me a spot for the hotels grand high tea...i am learning to be alone...comfortably alone in places...despite the curious glances...i delightfully dined and marveled in the delectables placed before me and me...i too exchanged those same curious glances back at those who surrounded me

being quite shunned from public transportation growing up...sounds silly i alone...have never hopped into a taxi and this was another thing i knew if i did not seize the moment i would have been wishing i had...i walked down stairs and out the front door...sat there watching the taxis come and go and then stood up and walked right over to one and into town i went...i walked the streets that even during lunch hour remained pretty still...salt lake is not a crowed busy place...most of the people walked about at a very calm cool pace...which made wandering alone a very comforting place to be

and after hours of touring i made my way back to the hotel...what a pleasing feeling to return to a place that has been all spiffed up...that is the one thing i love about staying in a hotel...i do not like making beds...and to return to your room that has magically been made up as if you were never before too long...the sun was slowly sinking bringing the day to an end and one love returned from his business matters and together we enjoyed the peacefulness of the night


Albert Einstein Once Said:  


" The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before." 


the wonders & delights of salt lake 1~

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during the latter part of october we slipped away...i am coming to love october as a month of wandering about...this is the third year we have ventured out and traveled amidst the fall...and with each adventure...i am becoming captivated more and more by the season that is

day one filled us with many wonders and delights...from our hotel to the city itself...salt lake city embraces beauty and quietness all the same...a serenely peaceful place to stay


Henry Miller Once Said: 

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." 



summer has been here

but we have not


our days have taken captive over our time outdoors

_DSC4839 edit 1.jpg

without much thought

i woke saturday

and said we need to go

_DSC4846 edit 1.jpg

i needed out

i needed to be wrapped in the warmth of summers sun

i needed to breath the freshness the sweetness of air

_DSC4850 edit 1.jpg

i needed to clear my mind

i needed to pretend just for a moment that there is nothing

_DSC4860 edit 1.jpg

i needed to be surrounded by the beauty of life thriving 

i needed to be apart of nature in its flourishing moment

_DSC4871 edit 1.jpg

heres to savoring one of summers day

M.J. Durkin once said: 

"Breathe in the fresh air of the freedom to create your own mood rather than the stale air of being a prisoner of circumstance."


and so it rained~

first comes love

then comes baby

the comes marriage and a life living together


far from traditional he and i

not some perfect story told


kind of a wild love affair


for us

it fits 


and i couldn't imagine it any other way


img004 edit 1.jpg

nine years ago

the sun rose


making way for clear skies

easing the minds of all


there was much still to be done

as this was an outdoor affair 


it held tight till the moment my father said  

"it's time" 


as we walked down the stairs

the skies had turned gray

and the rain decided it was time to fall


we looked at each other and he said  

"should we call it off" 

i looked at him and said

"no dad, i am not going to melt" 


my brother came running up and scurrying about

"hang tight"

he said

"let me at~least find you an umbrella" 

in a flash he was gone a reappeared with a delicate pink floral umbrella


linked through our arms

one on each side

and an umbrella in hand

we began our long walk down to the isle where he had been waiting


on so it is  

we were married this day


nine years passing  

through winds and rain and thunderous storms

we have cleared the skies

washed away the debris

choosing to move forward each and every day


nine years passing

there has been love like no other 

there has been laughter and play

there has been memories created  

and moments that will forever remain

highlighting our day to day


nine years passing

ninety~nine more to come



life is not black and white

_DSC1921 edit 4.jpg

there are mass areas of gray shaded throughout

_DSC1970 edit 1.jpg

hues that deepen 

_DSC1987 edit 2.jpg

saturating our minds

_DSC1994 edit 1.jpg

i hold tight to a memory

gripping the moment

so as to never let it slip through time as it passes

becoming a faint lingering thought of once was

i can see it

i can feel it

i often visit this day throughout the years

re~living that very minute when it all came to be

fifteen years later

it is still crystal clear

Punam once said:

"Love uses Serendipity as a pretext to find it's other half."