holding him~

with just enough time to recover from one sisters surgery and the post op days that followed


we are crossing the bridge once more


this time with our father

this time with less certainty as to knowing what is fully going on  

P1030577 edit 2.jpg

because of the kindness and care that overflowed and the magical powers of good intentions sent forth


one sister is recovering beautifully


and so it is i ask once more


think good thoughts


think good thoughts...that our father will undergo and awake from surgery with out any complications


think good thoughts...that our fathers right lymph node on his neck has remained small {after biopsies taken last week they were able to drain it...which they found a bit strange...but some what good as it does not so much present itself as a typical cancer}  if it has grown they will be removing it


think good thoughts...that the surgeon will remove the mass at he base of his neck without complications and that it comes back as non cancerous


think good thoughts...that the surgeons biopsies on the base of our fathers tongue comes back as non cancerous


think good thoughts...that our father will find comfort in the days ahead as he recovers and gets the answers he is looking for


please hold him in your thoughts this day