on the first of january

i came upon my word for the year

in a different manner than i usually do


i chose to draw one oracle card 

allowing 2014 to be completely free from my own will and desires

and i do have to say i was quite pleased with the card that unfolded

IMG_3849 edit 3.jpg




rouse from sleep; cause to stop sleeping


and so shall it be



* word *

that will accompany me 

through the next three hundred and sixty sum odd days

in the years prior i always seemed to chose healing words 

and now it is time to entertain and embrace a new kind of feel

2013 i tip toed around and then fell into a bit of a slumber..occasionally i'd dangle my feet in the waters...gently touching the streams...but nothing more than paltry splashes here and there...this year...i want to submerge myself...i want to jump in and swim through the untouched waters and set sail on new adventures and endeavors

and all those wild dreams that have been laying dormant shall manifest

heres to


my spirit and muse

" I am alive. I am awake. I am that I am."