the wonders & delights of salt lake three~



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day three brought time together in between his meetings...a moment to slip away and savor the lunch hour together...then back we went to the hotel for he had more business to attend...and me i continued wandering about relaxing back in our room...

when night arrived and his day had officially came to a close...when had the intention of going out for fondue...well this mighty plan abruptly came to a close as all their burners were out in the bar and it was a two hour wait to sit and dine...

we crossed the street and started aimlessly walking around... naming off places we saw...and then without even realizing earlier in the day...there sat a quaint little hole in the wall mediterranean restaurant...a sign from above...this was truly meant to be...of all the places we would chose to eat...greek food sits first on top of our list...this little hole in the wall that sat no more than ten people exceeded every possible expectation one could have for a meal...and then came dessert...sinfully wonderfully deliciously good...

and all too soon another day was quickly coming to an end


Someone once said:

"Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey."