the grand finale...

our hope was

one last run

before our truck got laid to rest

we have ran it hard for quite a few a couple of days it will be going under the knife for a tremendous overhaul

we packed up our littles snowboards and toys

and set off on our final trip

_DSC8659 edit 1.jpg

it did not take long for our truck to say

i think i have had enough

had we been wise

we would have listened to its words

_DSC8668 edit 1.jpg

but you see

the sun was out

and we were wanting more from this trip

_DSC8682 edit 1.jpg

so onward and upward

we continued on

_DSC8726 edit 1.jpg

not adhering to the signs that befell

_DSC8732 edit 2.jpg

how could you

when the open road 

ever so pretty

lay waiting

for us to pass on through

_DSC8753 edit 1.jpg

and with that open road

was the light


the light was giving quite a show

flickering and casting spells

all throughout the trees

mesmerizing it became

so much so

that my love had to turn around

as he wanted me to capture the moment

before it passed

_DSC8762 edit 1.jpg

around we turned and came to a stop

and our truck proclaimed even louder

putting up more of a fuss

_DSC8742 edit 1.jpg

 as one worked

our littles and i

came to terms

that this was probably the extent

of our snow filled day

and i said to one

its ok

lets head on home

_DSC8788 edit 1.jpg

but oh no

one could not accept such defeat

and conquered on

while saying

no worries we'll get to some snow

_DSC8843 edit 1.jpg

 snow we did see

the father we drove

and the more snow that we saw

the more our trucks fury arose

_DSC8872 edit 1.jpg

yet  higher we climbed

in search of white

_DSC8909 edit 1.jpg

until one had to admit

this was probably the end

parked were we

while some water was in need

_DSC8901 edit 1.jpg

out i hopped to have a quick peek

_DSC8910 edit 1.jpg

as i walked

there i saw

one that lay waiting for me

_DSC8923 edit 1.jpg

it seems as of now

this here bridge would not be crossed

though i know it shall stay

_DSC8957 edit 1.jpg

and as for the woods

that were quietly whispering our name

entertained by the presence of another

they would have to be

_DSC8987 edit 1.jpg

the open road was calling once more

 telling us to head on home

_DSC9003 edit 1.jpg

one last look at the river side

_DSC9012 edit 1.jpg

and all in a blink of an eye

back on the main road we were

_DSC9016 edit 1.jpg

the only noise heard

was the humming of our truck

_DSC9061 edit 1.jpg

as reality set in

we were trying to accept

that it wouldn't be till spring

when we could visit these woods

_DSC9097 edit 1.jpg

for this truly was


it took us far longer to get ourselves home

this poor old truck

could hardly take it anymore

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said:

"Each morning sees some task begun, Each evening sees it close; Something attempted, Something done"

 something was attempted


something was definitely done