crazy swap that came...

with each passing year

i do have to say

the crazy swap

has become my most favorite of all

_DSC9199 edit 1.jpg

there is no specifics to this theme

_DSC9201 edit 1.jpg

except for gathering and collecting miscellaneous bits

_DSC9203 edit 1.jpg

 digging and delving for treasures at hand

_DSC9206 edit 1.jpg

and knowing that

you will never predict what your partner will send

_DSC9209 edit 1.jpg

this time around

i had the pleasure of swapping


the ever so kind and beautifully creative


_DSC9210 edit 1.jpg

a package

plum of of goodness

came to be

_DSC9212 edit `.jpg

pieces that have my wheels turning and twisting

_DSC9213 edit 1.jpg

with the endless possibilities that shall manifest from thee

_DSC9217 edit 1.jpg

colorful bits to savor

_DSC9220 edit 1.jpg

and ones that shall be shared

_DSC9221 edit 1.jpg

but you see

the greatest thing

that comes from all this madness at hand

_DSC9222 edit 1.jpg

is not so much in the surprise package you receive

_DSC9224 edit 1.jpg


is in the gift


meeting someone

you would have otherwise not known

_DSC9223 edit 1.jpg

to you


i thank you greatly

for the wondrous package you sent

Walt Disney once said:

"Around here, we don't look backwards, we keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

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