creating with pink and red...

it is not often

when raising boys

that the colors




come out to play

_DSC9246 edit 1.jpg

i learned long ago

my days with our littles

would not be that





_DSC9248 edit 1.jpg

 having accepted those terms 

i have also learned

when those few days of February make a turn

i come forth to the table willfully prepared

ready for the battle cries

_DSC9292 edit 1.jpg

 the grumbles and groans

that will be heard from lands far away

before we even begin

declarations are immediately proclaimed

one wee littlest:

but mama, i don't want pink and red

_DSC9293 edit 1.jpg

one wee older one says to his brother:

there's no point in trying, she won't give in

smart one is he

who learned long ago

he simply will not win

the battle against




_DSC9294 edit 1.jpg

and without missing a beat

one wee littlest says: 

what about black and blue

and once more i say

today is for




i know...i am evil right...hehehe

its just a few mere days, that i throw out the whole embrace your littles creative side, you know sometimes they need a little push to steer them in a different direction to open their minds and explore a new road

_DSC9290 edit 1.jpg

and before too long

the battle has passed

and hearts are quickly and happily made

_DSC9296 edit 1.jpg

and discoveries too

one wee littlest says:

look mama, even light can make love

_DSC9297 edit 1.jpg

 light can make love 

and so can you


one wee littlest says:

mama, i hope we're not done, i wanted to make some more

so in the end




did not harm none

_DSC9299 edit 1.jpg

and this morning i woke

to the sweetest of sweet

P1260184 edit 1.jpg

not only had cards been made

_DSC9304 edit 1.jpg

but my breakfast too

i am thinking

they may have had a wee bit of inspiration

coming from the

of my sis  

John Barrymore once said:

"Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open."

not just today

but each that comes forth

know that you are always

surrounded by love