looking back through 34...

there will never be another year like so

it was

filled with adventure


 an abundance of new

so many "first" time things came to be


_DSC7795 edit 2.jpg

snowboarding moments

see here...it had been 16 years since i stepped on a board

due to my first time going down the mountain at the ripe age of 18...no one told me how to stop...they yelled up at me just fall back...so fall back i did...and ended up with a trip to the doc...end result...one cracked tailbone 

our oldest said one day as i was ending 33

"why mama...why don't you try again"

so try i did

and i do have to say

i am no longer afraid

_DSC8341 edit 1.jpg

a gift from my love and littles

with him saying

"now you can live your dream"

P1160306 edit 1.jpg

six girls {so we thought} came home 

to add to our mix

our first time raising babies

here LIBRA just a mere 3 days old

_DSC9358 edit 1.jpg

it only took a few short weeks to discover that "she" was really a "he"

LIBRA now 10 months old

not only raising chickens but alas a rooster too

_DSC9494 edit 1.jpg

 my first etsy sale

P1170044 edit 1.jpg

our bedroom went under construction

i helped my love and littles {and learned how to} build a bigger closet in our room and white wash our floors

_DSC2568 edit 1.jpg

we celebrated my father turning 70

with the presence of

our family from so so far away

{it was a first for many of them coming out to washington}

edit 1.jpg

and per our fathers request

his ever loving 70th birthday wish


our father, my sisters, brother, nephew and i

went sky~diving

_DSC3723 edit 1.jpg

my love and i

became parents of a teenager

our oldest little {who is not so little anymore} turned 13

belly edit 2.jpg

i danced

in my first belly dancing recitals

_DSC7295 edit 1.jpg



a very sweet couple

P1210720 edit 2.jpg

my love and i

went on a morning date


our oldest babysat for the first time

P1210790 edit 1.jpg

my sister showed us

a blueberry wonderland

we spent many of our summer days picking away

_DSC8449 edit 1.jpg

we stumbled upon a vw bus


took her on her

maiden voyage to orcas island

for a family trip

{it had been over 15 years since we all went up as a family and was also a first for many}

_DSC1859 edit 2.jpg

my sister and i flew to chicago

{thank you to two very dear people who made it possible}


we embarked on a traveling adventure

_DSC2891 edit 1.jpg

to visit her campus and i was blessed to be able to show my support

as she graduated

P1230559 edit 3.jpg


unexpected road trip

with loved ones

IMAG0982edit 3.jpg

and as a family we witnessed 

a miracle

here's to the gift of life

_DSC6626 edit 7.jpg

i launched my website

_DSC0225 edit 3.jpg

my dream was


if i sold just one of my prints

well many made my dreams come true these past few months

P1260246 edit 1.jpg


may be hard to beat

there were so many wonderful life moments that came to be

my hope for

the days of


tomorrow is



can and will

continue to indulge

in the sweetness of life