there are just some things in life

that are destined to happen

a link that reminds me we are bound together

the moment i think i am in the clear

freed from such

it presents its self once more

_DSC9648 edit 1.jpg

{see i live this nasty life tied together with my love and his ball point pens...14 some years and i can not tell you how many times i have had this happen...as if one time was not enough...oh no...the moment i think ah, its fine...is the moment it all begins...once more i decided i did not need to check his last pair of work pants as they were heading into the washing machine...and yes...this is where i went wrong...taking a chance...from the wash to the dryer...and from the dryer to oh no...not again...one lingering blue ball point pen was carefully residing in the last of his pants...another ink explosion at hand}

to add to that one of my slippers sneakily snuck in...goodbye to two creamy speckled white slippers hello to one dingy blue


accepting the reality of what really is

realizing some connections are stronger than you may think

leaving the door open for someone else to clean

allowing myself to let go of control

watching two littles find a common ground

admiring their chosen type of play

soaking up a moment of not having to parent

being the one to admit fault

 forgiveness asked  

forgiveness received

feeling the stir of spring

 experiencing still the bite of winter

indulging in salted caramels to wind down my day

J. Johnson once said:

"Second chances are rare, Use your first chance wisely."

one day i might just remember those words