13...eighteen & the weeks of thee~

re~surfacing in the midst of spring

when this year started i was exhaling deeply knowing there were no major plans coming

that our days would flow...come as they should...and commitments would not hold us back or tie us down

yet life has a sly way of slipping itself sneakily in

and filling the voids and all to soon the days are marked and much is to be done

...three weeks left behind of no writing...

P1270038 edit 2.jpg


rising before mr. sun

early morning hour adventure

piping hot coffee in hand

a long quiet drive for two

a vacant beach awaits

the only steps to be seen are ours

footprints remaining for those to follow

silence in the waters

sounds of the gulls

he and i walking

beach combing

treasure hunting

a pleasureful day

with many thanks to one sister, who chose to stay behind with our littles and sleep a little longer,  my love and i were able to embark on a plentiful morning of hours together alone before joining our family for the rest of the day

Someone once said:

"Our time together is never quite enough"

_DSC7412 edit 1.jpg


panic stricken

hungry  hungry chickens

plants disappearing 




accepting that i need not share everything

realizing they would be alright with the separation i created

fence making

garden plotting once more

hours and hours of digging and digging

committing to more than i could chew

yet executing and holding up to my word

life with chickens lacks anything dull...we have allowed them to free range and wander about to their liking...at first this was not any thing that would cause us concern but adding six more babies to the mix...maybe the breeds...maybe just maybe there is no real explanation...this past year the girls appetites tremendously increased and their desires of plants and flowers grew in an abundance...they have eaten through my back yard...again and again i planted and they ate...till i finally threw my hands up and sat down in the grass...i watched them graze about...looking around and realizing it would not be unjust if i ran a fence along my garden...they would not be losing any real space...just the extra tasties the have developed a palate for...i realized that just as my littles have special things as do we that i have never forced them to share that it was then that it hit me that this is my special place...my one thing that i am no longer willing to share and that there was no ever loving reason as to why i should have to share...so it was then that i stood and called to my boys and the building began...and oh those poor girls grew frustrated and stirred up quite a tizzy...pacing back and forth back and forth...i kept looking at them and saying to myself...it is ok...and you know what by the very next morning it was as if that chicken wire line had always been.

so me...i have my garden back and the girls

well they reign the rest of our yard.


one happy mama

8 happy girls

and a rooster too

Leonard Nimoy once said:

"The more we share, The more we have."

what he forgot to add was...

unless. you. have. chickens

_DSC1871 edit 2.jpg


the coming and going of lilacs

discovering they are not only wondrous to smell but taste as well

being honored and celebrated

as well as being thankful to honor and celebrate

a hand crafted bit from thee

showered with flowers from three

patience tested

strength pulled from deep within

lack there of understanding

needing not explain anymore

choices are each our own

childish manners

wiping my hands clean

sometimes finding the strength to not react is far tougher than anything else...strength to walk away without harsh words or actions...strength in silence...strength to remain peaceful when all you want to do is rage...strength found knowing you will adhere to that of yourself and not that of another

Anne Lamott once said:

"If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better."

words that may have us all thinking twice about our own behavior