when the past lay dormant

and the memories are kept safely tucked away

when the door opens

and the past presents itself in unexpected ways

and all that was left hidden flows freely as if it always had been

_DSC1695 edit 2.jpg

years and years

have passed on by

yet the time in between

that kept them apart

never seized the childhood friendship that was

life unfolds just as it should...people come and go day after day...some stay for a short period while others linger through out our lives...each holding a touchstone..a reason for their existence with an explanation we may never know...


a full moon rose

a stray black cat

warmth filling our days

reminiscing of summer ways

a gate building project

a connection once lost

a friendship found

a sense of completeness

a life puzzle put together after missing a piece

hours passing

wanting time to pause

so much to say

yet left satisfied with words that were spoken

Elise Broach once said:

"A great friendship was like a great piece of art, he thought. It took time and attention, and a spark of something that was impossible to describe. It was a happy, lucky accident, finding some kindred part of yourself in a total stranger."