last week will forever linger~


many many moons ago a message came my way...a possible visit from a land far far away...the thought...just the thought...that it could quite come to be...was plenty for me

P1300589 edit 3.jpg

then as most of you know...our life as a family went by the way and downs and twists and turns that were all unforeseen unknown and unpreventable

my days continued on in this crazy spiraling path and before even realizing that thought that once lay out in the vastness of the world was actually manifesting into a real plan and time was ticking away far quicker than i could count on my hand was coming at me full speed 

and life as we know...more than ever before...decided to throw me another curve ball...the day we were going in to see if my dads treatment worked was the same day that i was to be at the train station awaiting the arrival of two very dear yet far away friends

i thought to myself why could this be...really...the one chance i have to meet these two face to face after days weeks months and years of visiting through the land of blogs...was really going to happen in the present moment and state of disarray that my life is currently situated in...a time when my life is so far from what it normally is...a time when my home is a far cry from the decency that it would once normally reside...and to add to i have to attempt to pull it all together on a day that i can only wish for such good news

and as i pondered all these crazy wild thoughts occurred to me...why else would it be any different...this is my life that they are and will be coming to see

me. just. as. i. am.

and then i thought...they...these two dear ones...are a good omen to good omen sent forth for me to receive...why else would the universe send them my way on this very day...and so it was...such a beautiful blessing and omen they were and that i will hold very close at hand for a long time to come

these two were exactly what i needed on that very day...all my troubles and worries...fatigue and to do's got to be temporarily placed on hold to enjoy the most wonderful visit of visits to be had...they brought an old familiar comfort like a blanket you have wrapped yourself in for ever flowing conversation and sense of calming peace resonating as the minutes went by...strange as it may sound or be to haev such a chance...too be able to meet two very real people who i have called friends for quite some time was most wonderful feels grand...even if it is just for this moment in time

barry and fiona...i thank you for making your way to our land...for taking such time to stumble over and visit...and next time...oh time...we shall see you both on your mountain side


Someone once said:

"We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason."