words have been written~

have i finished


am i bothered by such


what i am realizing

i have way more to write than originally thought

where i am


where will i be

one. day. finished


i have not fallen from the face of the earth again

just engulfed in writing words

and the thoughts seem to come quicker than i can type


my attention span is short

as my mind in running on overdrive


Ray Bradbury said:

"you fail only if you stop writing"


i think this sums my thoughts up perfectly about not finishing on the deadline i set for myself...see had i not set a deadline...i probably would never have sat down and started to write "this" book i am writing


januarys card speaks of

change..a journey ending...a closing....completion...a homeward stretch...a finishing of sorts

...of new beginnings...of chance...of confidence...

its as if the universe is encouraging me...chanting to me...giving me the little extra nudges that need be...it is in accepting and knowing that change will not come if i am not the one creating the change...steering the wheel...driving the force...it is in this where i find myself lost

the cards they speak...they foretell

but it is up to me to LIGHT my way

 {fingers crossed}

Lao Tzu once said:

"If you do not change direction...You may end up where your heading"