januarys card speaks of

change..a journey ending...a closing....completion...a homeward stretch...a finishing of sorts

...of new beginnings...of chance...of confidence...

its as if the universe is encouraging me...chanting to me the little extra nudges that need is in accepting and knowing that change will not come if i am not the one creating the change...steering the wheel...driving the is in this where i find myself lost

the cards they speak...they foretell

but it is up to me to LIGHT my way

 {fingers crossed}

Lao Tzu once said:

"If you do not change direction...You may end up where your heading"


earthen strings...

earthen strings...the waxing and waning of a winters mother nature set her tone...she gently guides us through the longingly cold and dampening hours...deep cobalt darkening skies are present when we rise in the morn and set in the is within this gift of pull inward and find our own light...the faint colors of the grasses pale her reminder to each...though we may not be thriving...we are continuing to grow...the cycle never seizes...the wheel has yet to is in these days that i is the silence...the slowness...the warmth from layers...the cups of endless tea...the flickering flames of firelight...the candles that glow among a dim lit is in the comfort of knowing that all will is in knowing that a season will never last is having an appreciation for such...that puts me at ease... i fully surrender to the days of winter as i continue to weave my earthen strings



i have had quite a few conversations

which lead back to


stop thinking...just do

i have been told this many of times before

i over think...over analyze...and then execute non

i get lost in my mind more often then not


last year i enjoyed the idea of not picking a word

but allowing my word to come to me in a different manner


and so i drifted towards the oracle cards once more

to chose my one little word for 2015

light 1.jpg

so many enticing energizing meanings wrapped within this word


may it be my blaze for 2015




the sweetest softest fragile hints of spring~

a tiny fragment

connecting us to a past memory

a present thought

a symbolic piece of life

awakening our spirits

from the dormant ways of once was

warmth has slowly returned

light continually brinking upon the horizon earlier and earlier by each morning hour

dusk easing into night lingering as they mingle momentarily in the golden moonlit hour

rain falls

saturating the earth

grounding the roots of life that are waiting to emerge

we step a little lighter

smile a little longer

as we are present with the ever changing ways of springs season at hand