13...twenty six~

our days have been a continuous flow of


P1280554 edit 2.jpg

too many thoughts

too many possibilities


all shall be left unknown

until its secret is ready to be revealed






quieting the minds of many

believing in my beliefs

one fathers procedure done

one sisters surgery coming forth

preparing for the coming week

attempting to balance the lives in my home 

summers heat sneaks in

 backyard camping

tangled fingers

bombs bursting

independence continually being sought 



Peter McWilliams once said:

"If you want peace of mind, stop fighting with your thoughts." 


i do believe...we can not control life...life controls us...true we have the will and the choice to choose how we "want" or "think" we will go about our day to day...but life can strike at any given moment...changing your plan...changing your day...changing your life in an unexpected way...so there is no sense in battling the what ifs and whys...tis an answer you will never find.