autumn begins to fall~

autumn is in the air

i sense the changes

in the season to be

_DSC5648 edit 2.jpg

the geese are making their journey

away from the land i know

their travels mark the beginning

_DSC5521 edit 2.jpg

the time has come

the time is here

_DSC5531 edit 2.jpg

the early morning hours

me...i sit alone

_DSC5522 edit 2.jpg

the sun slowly brinking on the horizon a little later by the morn

i hear their distant call

coming closer and closer as the minutes fall

_DSC5561 edit 2.jpg

it fills me with a sense of knowing

marking the calender of day

the wheel will soon take to turning

the rhythm of our days

will begin the progression of slowness 

that will catch our every step

_DSC5635 edit 2.jpg

a dance

a fight

between the restless and calm

_DSC5643 edit 2.jpg

a tango one will learn to move

as the days continue along

and before one realizes

autumn begins to fall

brandi r burdick