januarys moments are a bit tantalizing 

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the freshness of air

the simplicity in being outdoors

balancing the contrasts of warmth and cold 

the light of day lasting an hour longer

 star filled skies

teasing delights of sunshine 

a wave of unexpected sadness

 comfort in knowing she was and is at peace 

haunting reminders of lost connections that run deep both near and far


Dr. Seuss Once Said:

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."


weaving a summertime dream~

 in darkness i dreamed

of the spring and summer months

time spent lingering through the farmers markets

picking the produce

tasting the sweets

and filling my bag full plum full of treats

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somewhere along the line

i drifted from markets

to a bag of overflowing adventures

just large enough for a weekend getaway 

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within a ball of tangled twine...i weaved a summertime dream of mine...i could see the brightness of light...i could feel the warmth beaming from our golden sun...i could hear his voice as he says now and we gleefully oblige...with bag in hand i gathered our things...we hop in our truck knowing where the road will lead will be that of newness...unplanned and always unknown as that is the manner of him...we wind around curvy roads and over the hills to places that seem untouched by another...we inch our way toward the mountain side until we find a river that lie...and out we go...bag in hand...a sense of peace rushing over us...knowing we are exactly where we belong that day...in some forgotten place...where no one else is surrounding our space...a moment in time...to sit in the silence of the glowing hot sun and live within that summertime dream


Louisa May Alcott Once Said:

"We all have our own kind of life to pursue, Our own kind of dream to be weaving, And we all have the power to make wishes come true, As long as we keep believing."

taking time to look~

one wee little one: will you take a picture

he says this as he is holding the curtain open in our bedroom  

me: in a little bit, i just put my camera away

one wee little one: but mama, you really need to come and look and bring your camera

i walked into our bedroom...made my way over to our window and was enticed by what he saw

me: thank you buddy for wanting me to come and look, my camera i am getting and what fascinating pictures they will be

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Henry David Thoreau Once Said: 

"It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you see." 

autumn begins to fall~

autumn is in the air

i sense the changes

in the season to be

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the geese are making their journey

away from the land i know

their travels mark the beginning

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the time has come

the time is here

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the early morning hours

me...i sit alone

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the sun slowly brinking on the horizon a little later by the morn

i hear their distant call

coming closer and closer as the minutes fall

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it fills me with a sense of knowing

marking the calender of day

the wheel will soon take to turning

the rhythm of our days

will begin the progression of slowness 

that will catch our every step

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a dance

a fight

between the restless and calm

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a tango one will learn to move

as the days continue along

and before one realizes

autumn begins to fall

brandi r burdick