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today is the beginning of our fathers journey...he has had a few set backs with the rescheduling of his feeding tube and in the waiting of his treatment plan to be complete...but the time is now...for it has come...as the dawn of day has broke...this day marks the start of his fight against throat cancer

 as we spoke last night we all felt the same...we are excited as strange as it sounds

the anticipation

the waiting



the unknown will now start to unfold

i am ever so proud of my fathers courage and strength...his attitude has remained positive...carrying the thought of this

this is just a small stepping stone

he is holding true to the power of our mind...minute by minute this he is reckoning with...i believe in him...and will forever stand by his side...to you my dearest father...we shall celebrate in the end...you shall fight this battle with all by your side...and you shall win knowing you carry such strength inside