13...twenty~seven plus quite a bit more...

one month has passed on by

without my weekly writings of thirteen


the good ol' saying of

be careful what you wish for


hit me full swing

P1290399 edit 1.jpg

this seemed to sum up what my days had been




i made a HUGE error in speaking

a disastrous careless wish

i wished for more travels to seattle

and well more travels were granted

i am becoming a professional hospitalite  

{hospitalite: one who makes frequent visits to hospitals} 

one month ago we were preparing for one sister to undergo surgery

one surgery came

one sisters cancer removed

a night nurse i became  

and the day nurse as well

peaceful was the resting

few were the hours to be  

recovering both her and i



Someone once said:

"The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us...They are those who win battles we know nothing about. "



P1290466 edit 1.jpg

in the darkness she sits




unfortunate news was told

one father to endure even more procedures

alas presenting oh yes more trips to seattle

with undetermined time lines   

then a warm full moon rose

an illuminated sky sat above

luna shined ever so bright

luminous was the world in which we know

i snuck out back

me on my knees

in the dark of the night

in the quiet of all

and prayed to any and all who would listen to me



Jeremy Taylor once said: 

"Prayer is the peace of our spirit, the stillness of our thoughts, the evenness of recollection, the seat of meditation, the rest of our cares and the calm of our tempest."


_DSC4911 edit 2.jpg

 we as a family have been an uphill journey

climbing one mountain after another

trudging along  

reminding our selves daily 






needing a reprieve

warmth blanketed the morning 

a family aboard

an adventure at hand

a bowl full of blackberries

and bounty of blueberries

space to move

air to breath

solitude in wandering

far enough away

yet close enough to feel each other

hanging onto the day


Someone once said: 

"Breath in joy and strength. Breath out wisdom and peace." 



iphone pics 107 edit 1.jpg


{captured as we were quickly driving by...hence the blurriness} 

funny how you miss things  

never knew this was here




needing a sprinkle from life's shower

fascinated by the brilliant mind of thee

art that lifts one spirit

and fills one soul

words of wisdom

lighting up the days that feel dark

another procedure endured for our father

confirmation of cancer is told

our hearts left bleeding

wondering how can it be

two in a family

at the exact same moment in time

how much more can be endured


Someone once said: 

"Strength is something you choose." 




photo (3) edit 2.jpg

words can not express the spiraling effect of our days that have been







something has kept us going

being able to keep up the pace

forever thankful though it is happening at warp speed

plans have been laid

now we all attempting to prepare  

one sister hears more in the way of news

blessed by the grace of time

a gift of kindness

the magic of hands

and a gorgeous sunset to add



Hermann Hesse once said: 

"Oh, love isn't there to make us happy. I believe it exists to show us how much we can endure."