chasing snow...

it called for 6-10 inches of snow in the mountains

all in a matter of hours 

then the rain would reside 

_DSC5698 edit 2.jpg

i woke my love

and shared how i wanted to see our river in white

i wanted to see the snow

i wanted to touch the snow

i wanted to smell the snow

i wanted to hear the snow

trying as hard as i might

attempting to entice my love and our littles

of a little snow white

i shared how this would be the opportune time

to take our truck for a little test run

it made it to the sun shining mountains with a few minor glitches

but since its rebuild it hasn't set foot on white

after hours of hymn ha~ing through the day

my love sat up and said lets go

i sprang from my seat and scurried away

an hour and a half up and same coming down

my love said it will be a short run

the clock spoke of one thirty one

and the rain was to set with high flailing winds between five and six

nearly minutes after the clock struck two

we were on the road

chasing the snow

as we headed out of town

it was a dark and dreary mess

but once we hit the road of the mountainside

my heart skipped a beat

as it became a wintery wonderland

well sometimes good feelings die hard and quick

just about half way up

it became apparent that our little road trip

was coming to a screeching white halt

there was no place to go 

except off the next exit

if ever we wanted to make it home before morn

inevitably we made the turn 

my love paused for a moment

and decided to sneak onto a road less traveled

this man he knows me well

he knows my mind

he knows my heart

he knew there was a camera at hand

so we were granted with a quick little stroll 

and a bit of a nature call

on a side note if you please...when looking at our truck will notice a lovely blueish purple tint

though great for blocking the makes for a bit of a struggle to photograph when you are inside

hence why you will see a hint of blue at times

with darkness slowly on the rise

and the winds and rain kicking in

 it was our time

to hit the main road

and make our way home

it might not of been what i was i hoping for

there were no rivers of white raging so

just mile upon mile of blanketed trees

_DSC6104 edit 1.jpg

but seeing the land all covered in white

was plenty for me


Orison Swett Narden once said:

"Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities...seize common occasions and make them great."

9...5 & 6~

as february arose 

so too came another gentle tease from old man winter

dropping bits of love for us to discover

_DSC8921 edit 6.jpg


our calmness abruptly changed

feeling as if life was tapping on our shoulders 

reminding us that at any given moment everything can change

one father back in the hospital

minds constantly changing

 harboring the uneasiness of choices

the universe unfolding its plans

{though i have come to realize...they are ones in which i will never understand}

the dust settled

and snow began to fall

Max Ehrmann Once Said:

"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.  And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should."

the waiting is over

_DSC9021 edit 4.jpg

there is something EXTRAORDINARY that lies within my father

he has faced many of challenges and yet conquered on when most would have gave in 

 i honor him greatly


the waiting is over

a final word was given

one fathers treatment is that of a CURATIVE one

peace of mind for all

a sense of movement has begun

an accomplishment he will forever carry


attempting to settle once more

feeling the weight has been lifted

Thomas Paine Once Said:

"The harder the conflict, The more glorious the triumph. What we obtain to cheap, We esteem to lightly; It is dearness only that gives everything it's value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, That can gather strength from distress and grow."

sunday's snow...

was one of which had been waiting

a long overdue jaunt needed to be taken

DSCN0361 edit 1.jpg

it is not too often that i am the one being captured

but thanks to one of my littles

and a gift from his nana

i think there may be more moments that arise

she who is rarely without a pair of needles and tea

_DSC7334 edit 1.jpg

as the years have gone by

a sign we've come to know

when we see a dusting of snow across the land

there most definitely will be

good times to be had

_DSC7384 edit 2.jpg

as one hopped out to lock the hubs

i savored a quick moment to capture the trees

_DSC7395 edit 2.jpg

the road we chose

a treasure of ours

it looked quite promising

some years it just isn't so

and we end up having to travel farther down

but today was our day

there was not a doubt in our minds

_DSC7402 edit 2.jpg

the only problem to be forsaken 


with adventures comes patience

being a husband and little of mine

is surely no small task

and it may not always be fun

it requires each to dig down deep

and pull from the very depths of their core

a tremendous amount of patience to behold

this is the something they have come to know and accept

_DSC7413 edit 2.jpg

so while i am snapping away

they sit with grace and ease

and the only words that are spoken


"did you happen to look left"


"hey mama...did you see"

_DSC7458 edit 1.jpg

one wee littlest yells from the back

"just around the corner...right"

_DSC7517 edit 1.jpg

and sure enough a few feet away

our truck comes to a stop

and within a matter of seconds

the boards and toys come flying out

_DSC7647 edit 1.jpg

up we three go

climbing the hill

at the top

one wee little has a brilliant thought

"hey mama...lets all three go down"

i take the back with one wee littlest in the middle and one wee little takes the front

error on our behalf

really i should have known this was trouble

if only you could have seen him fly

we hit a bump and off he flew

laughing all the way

P1250765 edit 1.jpg

now that did not frighten one wee littlest

he turns to me and says

"mama...i want to fly like baba did"

and fly he did

P1250822 edit 1.jpg

over and over 

they came flying down

then one wee little switched to a board

which sparked a thought'

"hey papa...why don't you go down"

_DSC7689 edit 1.jpg

so up he climbed and down he went

hence going a wee bit to fast

another not so wise moment at hand

going down on one wee littles board

truly not meant for a grown man

_DSC7593 edit 1.jpg

amist all their fun

he and i

we sat quietly together

savoring a few spare moments

and watched the vivaciousness of our littles

oh the spirit of life and living children bring forth

a blessing that never seems to stop

P1260016 edit 1.jpg

and all to soon

our time was calling

as the sun slowly starting sinking

down into the horizon

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail"


there is no snow surrounding us...just a chill that lingers

_DSC6626 edit 1.jpg

cool crisp clean...a winters morn...dusty white...sparkling as dawn turns her hands to day


darkness...yet knowing light will come

warmth from a fire still faintly burning

the smell of coffee

the taste of licorice root tea

warm cozy maryjanes

the feel of wool wrapped around my fingers

wooden needles clicking

slowness sinking in

words from old friends near and far

spirits lifted 

comfort in the unknown


solitude slipping slowly away

William Powell once said:

"Cultivate solitude and quiet and a few sincere friends, rather than a mob merriment, noise and thousands of nodding acquaintances."